Art Therapy Enfield

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art-making as a vehicle for self-expression, exploration and communication. Art can provide a language  to  express difficulties where words might not be sufficient. This has the potential to effect positive change, growth and self-development.

What to Expect

An Art Therapist provides a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment. The participant is invited to work with a rich variety of art materials to express their feelings. During the course of the therapy the participant’s artwork is stored in a lockable cupboard in the art therapy studio. This is to keep the work safe, confidential and to reflect upon throughout the therapeutic process.

About You

You do not need to have specific skills or previous experience of making art to benefit from Art Therapy. The focus is upon valuing the process and product of  as a way of understanding the thoughts and feelings that you are communicating.

The Benefits

Your art making process can become a tool for reflection and insight, guided by the therapist. This can enable you to begin to make sense of feelings and behaviours that may have felt unchangeable or unmanageable.

How Art Therapy is Different

Art therapy differs from other psychological treatments in that it focuses on the triangular relationship between the participant,the artwork, and the therapist.

Self Expression

Although Art Therapy can facilitate words, it does not need to rely upon spoken language. It can be useful for those who find it difficult to  express thoughts and feelings verbally or for times when words are simply unavailable.

Making Sense

As an experienced Art Therapist, I will support you to express yourself freely using art. Through the artwork you create, I will work with you to begin to process, make sense of the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing .

Who can use Art Therapy

Art therapy benefits both adults and children. It is used to improve emotional, social, behavioural and psychological wellbeing and for personal development, or where there is a struggle with particular life events, such as loss and bereavement , changes in family structure, illness, deprivation, trauma or abuse.

 Click here to view an Art therapy bereavement process.

Diminished Symptoms

Art Therapy can diminish symptoms such as anxiety, anger, depression, mood swings and insomnia. Your relationship with me as your therapist, and with the art materials, will offer you a means of communication as you  express and explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours safely.


“Thank you so much for all your support M`s confidence has grown so much thanks to you! We will never forget what you have done for our son.” Parents of 9 year old boy on completion of child’s attendance in 18 week Art Therapy Group

 “We were desperate and didn’t know where to turn. We wouldn’t be where we are now without Art Therapy” Parents of 11 year old girl on completion of child’s attendance of 20 week Art Therapy Group

 “Art Therapy was for art and speaking about stuff. It helped me because now I can say stuff when I don’t really feel good” 7 year old girl on completion of 12 individual Art Therapy sessions

 “You have helped me overcome my fears and helped me face the world. Thank you sooo much.” 10 year old girl on completion of 14 individual Art Therapy sessions in the Garden Studio.



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