Art Therapy for Schools in Enfield

Amanda continues to provide Art Therapy Groups at an Enfield Primary School. She is now in her 6th year of service at the school and is pleased to be able to offer an excellent on site early intervention therapeutic service for the children and families.

Continuity can offer best practice. Amanda has handed over work and followed up children who have moved schools in order to support their transition. Last year this lead to further funding from a Hoddeston Primary school who wish to support children’s pastoral care in school through the provision of Art Therapy Groups and individual work.

The Art Therapy Company, of which Amanda is a co-founder, won a bid for work in a Secondary Academy School in Croydon for the Turnaround Project who support children and young people who are at risk of school exclusion, or have been excluded and those at risk of offending. She and her partner facilitated a marathon Art Therapy Group for 7 young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The Art Therapy Company continues to provide Art Therapy training to a Child Integrative Psychotherapy School in North London and to a Group Analytic Society in Athens, Greece.